How to Use Texture to Add Dimension and Interest to Your Interiors

Texture is an essential interior design factor. When used well, it adds visual interest, providing contrast and cresting cohesion. Textured walls can create interest and help define a style or mood. Wall textures - such as fluted paneling, battened, or scalloped - have become popular as they can instantly add depth and dimension to a room in an affordable way. Read on to find out how to use texture to create visual impact, and balance and how to select the perfect colors for your textured Walls.

Using Texture Can Create “Visual Weight”

Textured walls help balance a room by providing visual weight to the space. Textured walls help objects stand out more clearly adding depth and dimension. For example, adding textured panels to walls is one way to make them look interesting while creating more visual weight.

Texture Balances a Room

Using textures on walls balances the room by contrasting different surfaces and materials. Adding texture helps break up large spaces into smaller areas, which makes the room feel more inviting and comfortable. In addition, adding texture can help reduce noise levels in rooms with high ceilings or open-plan designs.

Finding the Perfect Colours for Textured Walls

When choosing colours for textured walls, you should aim for tones that complement your existing furnishings and décor. If going for a neutral select tome that won't detract from or clash with your hero items. Neutral colours are great at creating cohesion, and won’t distract from other elements in the room but still provide subtle interest and warmth. However, using bold colours make the texture the hero, and with richly-pigmented tones, you can create a very sophisticated and luxurious feel. These colours are best used in rooms where you want to create a cozy and intimate in.

Using Textured Curves To Direct Room Flow

Creating Curved Walls with Wall Panels One of the most creative ways you can use wall panels is by creating curved walls with them. Curved wall panels create interesting shapes that draw attention while helping to add dimensionality to your space without taking away from other elements in the room like furniture pieces or artwork. It can also soften and direct traffic in the room, making it feel more harmonious.

 Adding texture to your walls is an easy way to elevate your interiors. Bendy Bois Flexible wall panels are an easy-to-install option for your walls or curved surfaces. Whether you choose neutral tones or bold colors, adding texture with wall panels is sure to make any interior or home improvement project stand out.