Installation Guide - Flexible MDF Interior Wall Panels

Installation is easy whether you are a professional or a DIY lover. Simply follow the guide below and complete your look with your favourite paint colour.


Tools & Surfaces

You may need the following to install your panels.

  • - Tape measure
  • - Stanley Knife or Utility knife for longitudinal cuts
  • - Saw (hand saw or circular saw) for cuts across the profile design
  • - Sugar soap or other detergent
  • - Adhesive. We suggest using a contact glue or fast curing liquid nails adhesive. Both are readily available at Bunnings or other hardware store.
  • - Sand Paper >120 grit
  • - Filler to smooth any gaps or joins in the panels

Once ready to start wipe the area clean with a cleaner to remove dirt, dust and debris. It’s best to wait for it to be dry before proceeding.

Measure twice, cut once

Measure & Cut

Measure your space and plan the placement and direction to run your panel.

Cut your panel to size. Do this on a hard surface to ensure you get a square and clean edge. This can be done with a Stanley knife if the edges fall in the flexible portion of the pane; otherwise, use a hand saw or electric saw.

Check your panel fits the space before moving to the next step.


Putting your panels on

Adhesive & Application

Apply Adhesive. We suggest using an adhesive made to hold PVC - such as Sika Instant Nails Fast or Polyurethane
adhesive Sika 145 - to ensure a secure attachment. Apply the adhesive at regular points on the back of the panel following a wave pattern to provide good coverage. If the wall is not smooth and flat, add more adhesive.

Apply your panel to the surface. Put pressure on the panel to ensure the glue spreads uniformly. Hold the panel for a few minutes to allow the glue to grip. Measure your space and plan the placement and direction to run your panel.

...And Voila!

Wait. Patch. Paint.

Wait for the adhesive to cure. If possible, apply pressure on the panel using straps for curved surfaces.

Patch any holes with gap filler for a smooth finish.

Paint. We suggest waiting 24 hours before painting to ensure the adhesive has cured. The panel is already primed but may need a light sand to remove any grit or filler from the surface. Our panels are suitable for all paints including two pack paint. However we suggest only applying paint to the panel after it has been fixed to its final position, to avoid the paint cracking.